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Triumph Pre Unit 650 Frame and Front Loop For Sale

For those that are interested I have a 1955 Triumph Pre Unit 650 Front Loop frame section and a 1960 Pre Unit frame that has been raked a little with a Hardtail. If interested email me for pics. bobberdogs@gmail.com

1955 Triumph Pre Unit Front Loop Sold.


New Video

Just uploaded a new video on youtube.

New Bike Build and Website

I have started a new build which is a 1969 Triumph 650 which will be called “Special K”. I will be posting updates as they arrive and I have made some updates to bobberdogs.com. Stay tuned



We are currently working on a new blog at bobberdogs.blogspot.com and updates to our website at bobberdogs.com. Check them out! FTW

T-Bone is heading to Canada

T-Bone is SOLD and is heading off to its new home in Canada. Thanks for all the emails from around the world on this bike. Stay tuned for my next build which will be a 1969 Triumph 650. Any questions please email me at bobberdogs@gmail.com.

T-Bone is For Sale

This bike is for sale. Contact me for more info at bobberdogs@gmail.com.

T-Bone Pics

Some recent pics in downtown.20110523-061013.jpg