"The World's Finest" Garage Built Bikes – Triumph Bobber

T-Bone Capone


Here is my new Triumph T110 Pre Unit Bobber Project. It is still in the design stages but here goes.

I finally finished welding holes and grinding the front frame and received the DB hardtail from Whtwter. These frames need a little foreplay before they line up right. Also I have noticed the front frame doesn’t like to be tig welded so I had to dust of the mig welder. More to come! Still waiting on parts.

Got the motor, triple trees and bars put on today for mock up. Blasted the front loop as well.

The oil tank is pretty much done just have to weld the bottom on and mount to frame. Still deciding on to put in a sight tube or not so I haven’t finished welding it yet.

I finished the mount for the remote oil filter and still have to finish weld it and will use new hardware when it is build time.

I also made up the seat mounts and seat pan today and it is going to have some springs.


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