"The World's Finest" Garage Built Bikes – Triumph Bobber

Black Chicken

The Black Chicken is in Plastic Surgery right now.

The Black Chicken – Here is the start of the 1969 Triumph T120 Bobber Build. It wasn’t running when I got it so it was time for a total rebuild with some new style.

Tore the bike down and sandblasted all the paint down to the metal. Then I remade the top tubes of the rigid tail section with a little drop for the rear seat mount for a lower rear stance.

Here is the top mounts of the re-worked hardtail section all welded up and bolted to the front loop.
The top rear tubes were then tig welded to the axle plates to finish off the hardtail.

Here is the vertical license plate and light mount I made all welded up to bungs and attached to the frame.

Here is the new hardtail attached to the front loop. As you can see there is a little drop down now in the rear section so the seat will have a lower look. It is pictured with a sporty tank that I reworked the filler cap, petcock and mounting tabs but decided to go with a more traditional Triumph look.

Here is the new stance with tank and the cut down sporty front end on. It has a 21″ in the front and an 18″ in the rear.

Here it is with the custom made risers and drag bars finally finished.

And the new seat is fabbed up and the new tabs were added.

The motor was completely torn down and here is the crank rebuilt with a new sludge trap hex plug and connecting rod bearings torqued to factory specs.

Now it is ready for the cases to be joined back together. All the camshaft bushings were replaced. All the bearings were replaced including the needle and layshaft bearings.

Cases are back together with Threebond 1194.

Cam wheels and oil pump have be reinstalled to factory specs. A new oil pump gasket was also installed.

Timing cover is on with a new oem Triumph badge and new oil seals were used on the timing cover. The tranny is installed and ready for the inner cover.

Inner tranny cover is on and all bearings have been renewed.

Cover is on with all new seals and bolt set for all the covers and sealed up 1194 to keep from having oil leaks. A new kicker spring was installed as well.

Now onto the the primary side and first things first. The clutch rubbers were renewed and ready for reassembly.

All seals were renewed and the clutch is back on and the primary side is complete. The pistons and rings are new and installed and ready for the cylinder block.

The cylinder walls were deglazed and the block was cleaned and painted and remounted with new gaskets.

The head was stripped down and blasted to a new clean finish. Manifold was blasted to have the same finish as the new head.

The motor is now back in the frame for final mock up. The exhaust and head steadies are in progress.

The rear fender and struts are a still under constructive criticism.

Here are the pipes I made specially for this bike. They will be ceramic coated satin black which will reduce the heat by 30%.

The pipes sit perfectly level and compliment the bike well.

I fabbed up a bracket that mounts to the frame for extra support.

Here it is with the oil filter mounted, the pipes mounted, fender is done and mounted and the foot pegs.